Introduction to Gearbox

A gearbox is a power transmission device to produce high torque by reducing the drive speed or increase the drive speed the other way. A gearbox is used in a wide range of industry fields, including steel-making, transportation, marine, environment, plastic/rubber related fields, as an indispensable component. A transmission in a car or a reduction gear of a Ferris wheel is an example. Recently, it is used to drive a power generator for wind power generation, which comes under the spotlight as an earth-friendly clean energy.

We have redefined ourselves with Gearbox Lab having load testers coming from our experience in developing gearbox for wind power generation with which customers can check to see in advance if our gearboxes fit their mission-critical products.

  • For higher end products
  • Challenging difficult requests from top-ranked customers
  • Getting geographical flexibility if applicable
  • Vertical/Horizontal business expansion in a certain field
  • Rolling out a product model through multiple channels