MBY/MBYX Series Edge Drive Mill Gearboxes


1. Optimized meshing accuracy of gears, lower noise, and high efficiency
2. The gearbox housing is analyzed and optimized by FEM, in order to ensure less deformation during operation process, and more stable operation
3. Secured manufacturing quality and higher reliability
4. Highly modular design, multiple optional accessories
5. Short delivery time, cost-effective gearbox for tube mills
6. Parallel shaft gearbox MBY series has single or double input shaft and output shaft in one side or two sides
7. Customizable sizes and configurations according to the requirements

  • Rated Power:200kW~5000kW
  • Ratio:4:1~7.1:1
  • Center Distance:400~1100mm
  • Gearset: Parallel Shaft Helical Gears
  • Shafts Position: Parallel Shaft
  • Mounted: Horizontal Mounting
  • Housing: Cast Iron, Steel Plate Welding

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