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With the recent introduction of its Service Exchange Program Kngear now offers the widest range of service, repair and refurbishment options for all types of industrial gear units, regardless of the original manufacturer.


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These are the core principles upon which Kngear was built, guiding what we do and how we do it. Each employee learns them, loves them and lives them. Our Clients benefit from them every time they use our product or get help from our Support team.

Act with integrity

Customers first

Our company exists to help customers achieve more. We make every decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our customers.



Director, Marketing Services

Sam leads the marketing and communications efforts for the Kngear Team, where he has been employed since 2003. The marketing and communications team has expertise in public relations, social media, branding, corporate and member communications as well as a host of other marketing tactics. The Kngear marketing and communications experts work directly with clients to develop strategy, identification of key messages and then the appropriate tactics to ensure goals are met.

Hu (胡浩然) Haoran

Hu (胡浩然) Haoran

General Manager

Building on almost 25 years serving technical industries in an organizational, strategy and marketing role, Hu leads the Kngear team and our service offerings. His experiences as the owner of a marketing agency for 16 years, as well as several years in corporate communications and business development for a nationally-ranked engineering firm, provide his with the perfect mix of industry and consulting experience to meet Kngear client needs. In her role at Kngear, he ensures best practices are applied to the delivery of all services, the establishment and monitoring of return on investment, as well as service and talent development.



Director of Sales

Chris responsible for all export sales across the globe. Tasked with increasing and recruiting new sales partners and distribution across all export markets. This will include creating a specification for all major tenders and projects for internal and external lighting in all export markets.

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