MLX Series Vertical Mill Gearboxes


1. Bevel and planetary gears carburizing, quenching, grinding, gear profile modification, crack detection process, and gear tooth root shot blasting treatment. Optimized gears meshing accuracy, lower noise, and high efficiency
2. Gearbox and planetary frame are analyzed by FEM and optimally designed, in order to ensure less deformation during operation process, and more stable operation
3. Secured manufacturing quality and higher reliability
4. Customizable sizes and configurations according to the requirements


  • MLX Series:
    Rated Power: P=50kW~4000kW
    Ratio: Maximum i=50
    Models: MLX5~MLX500
    Input Shaft Diameter: 65~250mm
    Input Shaft Center Height: 260~1100mm
    Mounting Circular Disc Diameter: 980~3850mm
  • MLXSD Series
    Rated Power: P=1400kW~7000kW
    Ratio: Maximum i=65
  • MLXSS Series
    Rated Power: P=2000kW~9000kW
    Ratio: Maximum i=80
MLX Series
  • Rated Power:50kW~9000kW
  • Ratio: Maximum i=80
  • Gearset: Bevel & Planetary Gears
  • Shafts Position: Right Angle
  • Mounted: Vertical Mounting
  • Housing: Cast Iron


  • Vertical Mills, Cement Mills, Coal Mills
  • Applied to raw material grinders
  • Applied to crush coal sheets in the coal industry
  • Applied to crush limestone, cement clinker, slag, lime, gypsum, coal ash, and ores in building and mine industry


Vertical Mounting, Circular Disc is Connected to Millstone


1. Gearbox Housing: Cast Iron
2. Gearset:

  • MLY Series: 2 Stage, 1 Stage Spiral Bevel Gear Pair + 1 Stage Planetary Gear Pair
  • MLXSD Series: 3 Stage, 1 Stage Spiral Bevel Gear Pair + 1 Stage Helical Gear Pair + 1 Stage Planetary Gear Pair
  • MLXSS Series: 3 Stage, 1 Stage Spiral Bevel Gear Pair + 2 Stage Planetary Gear Pair

3. Input Configurations:
Keyed Solid Shaft Input
4. Output Configurations:
Mounting Circular Disc for Connection with Millstone

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