XDJ series of Single Screw Extruder Gearbox with High Loading Capacity

XDJ series single screw extruder gearbox is extruded composite or single machine supporting the gearbox, mainly for the rubber and plastics industry, as the power transmission device uses an extruder extrusion plastic materials, can also be used in other industries as the extruded material transfer power unit. It is a heavy load hardened precision gearbox.
XDJ series single-screw extruder using the drive in the form of parallel cylindrical gear reducer gearbox. Input shaft through the flexible coupling associated with the motor shaft, driven by a motor through parallel shaft gear reducer output shaft (hollow shaft) to get the output speed, and then after the pair ratio gear and splined hollow shaft screw drive to complete feed extruders and extrusion process units.
Gears involute helical gears, all gears are made of high-strength materials carburizing alloy steel. Gear after carburizing, quenching, grinding teeth wear heavy machining with high precision, stable low-noise, high reliability and long service life. All supporting bearing gearbox bearings are used, the input and output are imported oil seal, to ensure a safe and reliable seal.
Gearbox lubrication system uses an external + built-in lubricant road. With a built-in cooler. And has oil temperature, oil pressure (or oil) automatic protection system to ensure safe and reliable when the gearbox.

ZLYJ / ZSYJ Series
ModelsRatioCenter HeightOutput Bore Dia.(H8)Input Shaft Dia.(m6)

Product Feature

1. Use Environment

l Temperature: -20℃-+50℃

l Humidity: below 85%

l Atmosphere: Place with no corrosive gas, explosive gas and stem etc. and no dust and good ventilation

2. Notes

l Input shaft speed is not larger than 1500R/min

l The weight in the note is the average value, having no binding.

l To avoid an accident, all rotating parts are equipped with shield according to standard for safety by users.

l Before the operation, users should read the operation sheet carefully.

l The gearbox is under the statement of running permission after leaving the factory. The lubricating oil should be added before work.

l The amount of lubricating oil marked in this sheet is just for reference. The viscosity of lubricating oil should be matched with data on the nameplate of the gearbox.

l The direction of rotation should be stated in the order. The direction of rotation means that of output axial. The routine direction is clockwise.

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