Gearboxes For Steel Plate Flip Machine

Flip Machine Gearboxes are specially developed and designed for steel plate, heavy plate flipping applications in steel rolling production lines.


  • Specially designed and optimized for steel plate flipping
  • Large load capacity, high reliability, and usability, and the output shaft can withstand the large radial force
  • Customizable sizes and configurations

Technical Parameters:

  • Gearboxes Housing: Steel Plate Welding
  • Steel Plate Width: 3000~5500mm
  • Input Speed: 500~1500rpm
  • Ratio: 100~400
  • Torque: Maximum 1500kN.m
  • Steel Plate Width:3000~5500mm
  • Input Speed:500~1500rpm
  • Ratio:100~400
  • Max. Torque:1500kNm
  • Parameters: Customizable

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