If you want to upgrade your equipment, we can manufacture spur gears, helical gear planetary gears or bevel gear reducers in the widest range of configurations. Cast iron or stress-relieved steel enclosures are available for each model. The gearbox is completely sealed and the gears are operated in an oil bath; with an external oil level indicator and an auxiliary lubrication pump available for heavy duty applications. If necessary, a cooling fan can be added to increase the heat capacity. We also offer a “Separate Differential Input” feature that allows dual power supplies to be used for critical process operations where downtime is unacceptable. If a power supply fails, the gearbox designed with this function will continue to drive the crane half speed in emergency mode.
Our extensive product range ensures that it is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications and ensures that each customer’s specific needs are met. No matter what specifications you are looking for in the new gearbox, rest assured that Kngear can provide the best solution for your application.