Three Rings Reducers

Three Rings Reducer is an advanced transmission mechanism whose basic version is composed of one output shaft, two input shafts and three annular drive plates.


  • 1. High load capacity, superior performance, long service life
  • 2. Large and dense gear ratio, 1 stage reduction ratio 11~99, 2 stage reduction ratio maximum 9801
  • 3. Smooth operation, low noise, little vibration, the noise is less than 78 dB, and the vibration amplitude is less than 0.025mm
  • 4. High efficiency, single stage 92%~96%
  • 5. Compact structure, light weight
  • 6. Multiple shaft configurations. The two input sections of three rings transmission mechanism can be integrated with helical gear pair or spiral bevel gear pair
  • 7. Multiple mounting positions and connections, multistage combination, customizable sizes and configurations

Input Configurations:

  • Keyed Solid Shaft Input
  • Integrated with Electric Motor

Output Configurations:

  • Keyed Cylindrical Solid Shaft Output
  • Keyed Conical Solid Shaft Output
  • Involute splined Solid Shaft Output
  • Keyed Cylindrical Hollow Shaft Output
  • Keyed Conical Hollow Shaft Output
  • Involute splined Hollow Shaft Output
  • 1 Stage Ratio:11~99
  • 2 Stage Ratio:Maximum 9801
  • Output Torque:Maximum 938kN.m
  • Parameters:Customizable
  • Mounted:Horizontal/Vertical Mounting

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