Main Drive Gearboxes For Bar & Wire Rolling

Main drive gearboxes for bar & wire rolling can provide perfect solutions for transmission mechanism of the production lines of bars, wires, and profiles. The gearboxes for bar and wire rolling are specially designed and optimized by alternatively arranging horizontal gearboxes and vertical gearboxes to ensure the shapes and sizes of rolling products.

The horizontal gearboxes are driven by parallel shafts, and the vertical gearboxes are driven by spiral bevel gears and parallel shafts.

The basic version gearboxes are with the structure of single shaft input and double shafts output or three shafts output. The output shafts are coupled with two or three rollers.

The gearboxes for bar and wire rolling have the features of compact structure, impact resistance, high load capacity, low noise, low vibration, steady operation.

Technical Parameters:

  • Ratio: Up to 120
  • Torque: Up to 1200kN.m
  • Output Shaft Center Height: Up to 1100mm
  • Rollers Diameter: Φ350~Φ650mm
  • Ratio: Up to 120
  • Torque:Up to 1200kN.m
  • Rollers Diameter: Φ350~Φ650mm
  • Parameters: Customizable

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