What is the Trenchless drill rig (HDD)

HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling), also known as Directional Boring, is an updated and efficient way for to carry out underground drilling to install pipes, conduit, and cable. This method strongly promotes updated mechanization and is quicker more cost effective as compared to the ways used in the prior years. This method is steerable and trenchless, and a long pipe pokes into the ground and a metal drill which also has a nozzle which with its air pressure makes it easier to push the dirt and drill away.


This method is suited for many types of soils from soft to firm, it does not destroy your property nor does it interrupt traffic when drilling has to be done on the road. You can do it on the roads, landscape (grass, your lawn, backyards etcetera), riverside. The pipes installed can be used for either water, gas or oil supply for domestic or international purposes.

Planetary Gearbox for HDD:

For the purpose of drilling through HDD, there are several gearboxes available which have their own specialised functions to oblige with certain drilling requirements. Theses planetary gearboxes are highly productive in the market, keeping up with the stream of demand by the customers seeking for pipe and cable instalment that can keep the flow of fuel transport smooth and flowing. These gears help reduce disposal costs of factors and resources that can otherwise be used economically. They reduce chemical and dilution costs, total operation cost and the negative impact on the environment because this method is trenchless horizontal directional digging which means that there is no need to dig a ton of trenches when the job can be done better by digging just a few or maybe none. The projects carried out using the specialized planetary gearbox are profitable projects which have high capacity in handling fluids and solids and can increase ROP (rate of penetration). There are gears in ration 3:1 to 100:1 available, 42 to 220mm frame sizes, and warranties available to attain your loyalty and provide you security for the life of your asset.

Different Brands Available:

In the competitive market of HDD specified gearboxes, there are many planetary gearbox manufacturers that are selling their products at amazing rates and durable quality. Some of the brands are listed below:

Shanghai SGR Heavy Industry Machinery  Co., Ltd.
Rossi S.P.A.
Brevini Power Transmission S.P.A.

The planetary gear motor is sturdy yet small in size and has a specific professional structure that allows it to perform functions more outrageous than its sizes like a substantial torque generation, high torsional stiffness, and low backlash.

These planetary gearboxes have a long maintenance free life due to their permanent lubricated gearheads. They are smooth functioning, accurate in standardisation, and protected from dust due to the sealed gearheads. The basic planetary gear design includes the input sun gear, internal gear, planet gear, and an output shaft. There is no standard maintained by every manufacturer when producing a gear motor. All manufacturers want their product to give the best results and most convincing output, for this reason when manufacturing, the backlash, which is one important factor of an operating gearbox, should be low in a generation. It is for this that manufacturers take those measurements which they think would make the product do the right job. They can use an average four or more points on the output shaft to produce lower backlash, a unit with backlash measurements of 4, 6, 10, and 12 arc-min would have a rating of 8 arc-min.

For the torque, some manufacturers apply the rate of 2% torque for generating a backlash, whereas other manufacturers apply less. Those planetary gear boxes that are not designed well can have certain problems like:

Gearhead Noise: The minimization of the unusual sounds that can be caused due to high speed, output torque, radial and axial loads, and mounting errors, can be fixed by proper mounting.
Gearhead Friction: To avoid this problem, make sure you buy your gearbox from a manufacturer that tests every gearbox for input drag before shipment.
Gearhead sealing: The sealing is very significant for protection from dust, dirt and water which can cause the planetary gear motor to burn or rust. To avoid this, make sure that the interface between the motor and the gearhead is properly sealed with durable material.
Gearhead lubrication: Lubrication is important to keep the gearheads functioning. To avoid any problem, make sure that the lubricants being used are perfect for your gearhead and there are no chances of overheating or oil spills.
The two-stage planetary gearbox is the most customer favourite. In this, the torque is step down or up twice because there is the use of two gears instead of one. The torque is increased by transferring power from a smaller gear to a larger gear, this has proved more efficient than the planetary gearbox with one gear.

The gearbox for the horizontal directional drilling machine help in the smooth operation of the system, it also has features that are constantly informing the workers at the project as to what they have to do to carry out the process of digging a way through for the pipes or cables for the project to fit in. it is a much quicker way of instalment and takes lesser days than if it was being installed by digging trenches.

Trenchless horizontal directional drilling RIG corresponding table:

SGR gearbox size for thrust-pull Ratio Gearbox output torque number of gearboxes Max thrust-pull force Thrust-pull speed
N series  i N.m  pcs (kN) (m/min)
MN1E241 4.5 4500 2 180 23
MN1E241 4.5 4500 2 180 23
MN1E281 5.2 5600 2 225 26
MN2E281   8000 2 320 15
MN2E281 13.33 8600 2 345 25
MN2E355 31.99 14000 2 400 21
MN2E400 21.15 19200 2 480 38
MN2E400   19200 4 960 25
MN2E353 22.67 12000 4 680 30
MN2E355 22.67 12600 4 725 32
MN2E353 15.84 12600 6 1075 35
MN2E353 15.84 11700 6 1000 30
MN2E400 31.2 20000 6 1500 23
MN2E429 28.31 40000 6 2860 25
MN2E429 28.31 40000 8 3600 25
MN2E429 28.31 40000 6 3000 25
MN3E542 51 91000 6 5000 28
MN3E542 51 91000 8 6600 28
Tips to buy HDD gearbox

Make sure there is at least a 1-year warranty because for technical and expensive machinery it would be expensive to repair it if breaks down.
Specialises in the requirements needed for the tasks
Sealed properly and lubricated safely
Good bonding with the manufacturer for good advice and for the best most recommended deal offering in the future.